DSD STARS - Maple tapping equipment

Quality equipment for production

DSD STARS offers several types of stainless steel equipment for sugar bushes.
Our range of products meets the needs of all sizes of maple groves.

Product List

  • ECOVAP evaporators
  • Wood evaporators
  • HP evaporateurs
  • Oil evaporators
  • Tanks
  • Electric water jacket tanks
  • Insulated syrup filter tank
  • Supports for syrup filter tank
  • Maple butter machine
  • Hoods
  • Base stacks
  • Stacks hats
  • Roof jacks
  • Collars
  • Pipes
  • Preheaters
Tôle Inox

Product details

Discover the specifications of our stainless steel products.

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Several models of evaporators are available.

 ECOVAP evaporator - Tôle Inox

ECOVAP evaporator

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Wood evaporator - Tôle Inox

Wood evaporator

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HP wood evaporator - Tôle Inox

HP wood evaporator

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Oil evaporator - Tôle Inox

Oil evaporator

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Others products

Many products made of stainless steel perfect for your sugar grove.

Tanks - Tôle Inox


Insulated syrup filter tank - Tôle Inox

Insulated syrup filter tanks

Electric water Jack tanks - Tôle Inox

Electric water Jack tanks

Maple butter machine - Tôle Inox

Maple butter machines

Taffy Pan - Tôle Inox

Taffy Pans

Base stacks - Tôle Inox

Base stacks

Chinese hats - Tôle Inox

Chinese hats

Supports for syrup filter tank - Tôle Inox

Supports for syrup filter tank

Cups - Tôle Inox


Dippers - Tôle Inox


Skimmers - Tôle Inox


Funnels - Tôle Inox


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